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Sumatra anyone?
  ciachooooo, Dec 02 2015

hi, I'm going to spend few weeks on Sumatra, anyone of you lives/lived there? I'd like to ask about few things

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time to slow down
  ciachooooo, Feb 23 2009

yay, there was a moment 2-3 days ago, when i was like "well, finaly after few k of hands i feel nl100 isn't problem, regs are not as good as i thought", but the last 2 days happen after it...
yesterday = -4bi coolered and bb for so many fckin bins (over3k hands)
today = 1k hands and.... -5bi
also lost flips, got coolered, and hit a bad beat, but after it i started playing so bad i'm not sure about most basics plays and make terrible mistakes, really terrible

i guess i stop playing poker untill wednesday, gonna play nl50 to regain confidence, and after few days will be back at nl100

at least i'm not in red, and i know i made few mistakes, so if i keep playing max 6 tables at same time, not 7-8 like i started after 5k hands, it shouldn't be a big problem to have winning march without coming back to nl50

graph or didn't happen:


1)+ Show Spoiler +

opponent was unknown, do you play it same way?
limp/minraise usually means big hand, but he gives me great odds on both flop and river, he didn't bet turn, so i should have him beat some % of time and these are ez calls both flop and riv?
27.5 pot on flop
53.5 pot on river
results: + Show Spoiler +

2) + Show Spoiler +

he seemed fishy, when he cold called 3bet oop i put him on 99-tt, and maybe aa, but when he minbet turn after few seconds of thinking before calling flop it looked rather like form of blocking bet, i thought fish won't be smart enough to cold call 3bet oop to trap, minbet to induce bluff etc, so i decided to push for value

results + Show Spoiler +

3) + Show Spoiler +

27/16 10%3bet
i just called, because 4betting here looks superstrong, and i think he's folding everything accept for aa,kk, maybe ak but i don't know, while his 3betting range is wide, so i thought i would just call (good spot for 4bet bluffing with t8s, isn't it?). i decided to bet flop/fold flop, or give up if called, but right now i don't think it's best way to play it, i don't feel like it is. prolly should have bet li 17-18, or maybe check behind flop to induce bluff, and call one street, fold if he bets both turn and river?

or if i have problems with such spots its better to just 4bet, get it in pf?

4)+ Show Spoiler +

40/11 over 40hands

do you like my line? small bet on flop as the board is paired, and only draw is fd, check/raise turn as i would do with 9/overpair
does it look as strong as i wanted, so he can continue only with big hands?
or should i give up on turn and check/fold it?
i thought he would float ton on this flop, and can continue with small pp on turn, but not to my ch/r

results: + Show Spoiler +

5) + Show Spoiler +

opponent is unknown, what are our plans here? bet/fold, bet/get it if raised, bet/call and check/call riv, bet/call and check/fold? maybe check/call to give him chance to bluff?
small pot, common spot, but not sure about

6) + Show Spoiler +

18/14/3 fold to 3bet 67% but small sample, about 100 hands
also common spot i'm not sure about

he raised utg, when he's tight, so i feel like if we 3bet we turn our hand into bluff (true?)
so i decided to call
and what on flop? he cbet flop 60% of time, do we check/call flop, check/fold blank turn? (it's the option i would choose)
is there any other option? check call 2 streets?
if he cbet like 75% is check/raising good here?

7) + Show Spoiler +

oryginal raiser is reg tag,so the caller is, i decided to call here his utg raise from time to time so i get value if he has kq,aq,aj,ats and we both hit
should i bet here if checked to me? if i bet here, i should bet any q and j turn right?
or do you prefer checking behind?
or check/slow down unless i hit k or a?
or just bomb any turn?

or you prefer 3beting here pf all the time? (i try to mix it)

8) + Show Spoiler +

what to do?!
i think his range here is really wide, sets, so many tens, fd, and probably bluffs, but if i call i think i have to check/fold turn most of time, and there are so many scare cards

is it clear bet/fold? or as he is so agro should i check/call flop?

9) + Show Spoiler +

opponent was unknown (yeah despite the stack sizes it was our 6th hand)

what are your bet sizes?
do you 3bet more pf?
i bet like 75% of pot on flop turn, riv, it should be a lil more, so we're getting all in on riv, right? (yeah i know they should be)
general question: raise to how much pf?
betting like 90% of pot is perfect?

fuck i'm posting so basic hand, but made so basic mistakes

OMG i forgot to post tits for Dusty!
thx god for post editing

were named best boobs of UK, so i hope they're good enough

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  ciachooooo, Feb 19 2009

hello everyone

as i wrote in last blog post i decided to play nl100, and actually played 1 table of nl200 when game was really soft (made ~200$)

1) there are much less total fishes, like idk 4 time less, usually there is one 40/10 player and rest are regulars or random tag fish
2) regs are much better, at nl50 i used to just crush those nits, here they play wider ranges, they are not so nitty postflop, make moves, 3bet light etc, actually i don't feel like i have enough edge at them to beat the rake, except for some of them
3) i run bad, but it is small sample, hope i will have decent winrate after xxk of hands (like 3-4ptbb/100)
4) i have problems with very common spots, i think i have to improve my game so much, at nl50 i could have played bad and still crush it, but now i see how many leaks do i have

some hands:
1) + Show Spoiler +

27/18/3.7 on turn it looked for me like a blocking bet from at+, maybe a9s, but the point is i put him on big ace, i don't think he would have played 87hh or 2p like that, he would have bet bigger, and probably lead or ch/r flop ----> he has an ace
with that thoughts is it obv raise? i planned to call turn and bet small like 40% river to get value
on river by betting 3/4 pot after he bets 1/2 pot on turn it looks like he has aj right?
anyone folds here?
result + Show Spoiler +

2) + Show Spoiler +

raiser was 26/10 over small sample, BOUBLI was 25/21, fold to 3bet 2/2 at that moment, 4beting here looks superstrong, i would do it with ak,qq+, jj will depand on timing reads, would you prefer flating here not being result oriented? i thought i dont like playing aa oop in 3 way pot, when or had odds to call for set value, so i 4bet hoping boubli plays for stacks with ak,qq,kk

3) + Show Spoiler +

34/25/3 fold to 3bet 75%
what do you think about my line? as i remember at the moment when hand was played he either had lower fold to 3bet% or was pissed by me 3beting him all the time, because i remember i gave him wide pf calling range
is it clear fold now? i beat like queens, ak, aj but i don't think he is ever betting them, i think he would like to go to showdown with them, but this might be only me

+ Show Spoiler +

4) + Show Spoiler +

random fish like 40/0 after 15 hands
should i give him credit for one of two kings left?
should i bet/fold flop?

5) + Show Spoiler +

standard play vs short with 100%fold to cbet %?
2 overs, backdoor fd, and nice odds
or someone checks behind flop? or bet like 5 and fold to any raise?

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